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Tresidder Policies and Procedures

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Event Hosting and Scheduling Policy

General Information

Recruiters must be registered with Stanford's BEAM

Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO) must be registered with Student Activities and Leadership. The purpose of the event must be directly related to the activities of the VSO. Recognized VSO groups fall into the following categories:

  • voluntary student organizations
  • fraternities and sororities
  • residential house governments

Rooms may be scheduled for product shows and similar activities with university sponsorship. Generally, events of this nature should have broad appeal to the Stanford community and be of an informational nature. The purpose of the show or demonstration must be directly related to the activities of the sponsor. A university department or registered VSO wishing to sponsor such an activity assumes full responsibility for the group which they sponsor,  including:

  • General guidance and assistance to the client.
  • Speak on behalf of the client in interactions with university departments.
  • Assume full financial responsibility for unpaid debts, on a timely basis.
  • Inform the client of general university policies.
  • Attend the event,  if requested.


Space is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve a room, visit Tresidder Meeting Services reservations.

Please allow two business days to process your request.

Weekly Reservations

Requests for weekly organization meetings are accepted and processed during the last two weeks of each quarter according to the following schedule:

  • Autumn requests may be submitted during the last two weeks of spring quarter.
  • Winter requests may be submitted during the last two weeks of autumn quarter.
  • Spring requests may be submitted during the last two weeks of winter quarter.
  • Summer requests may be submitted during the week after Commencement.

Series Reservations

Series requests must be submitted in writing and must list each requested date. If each date is not specified, your request will not be processed. Due to the heavy volume of series requests, processing time will generally take up to five business days. 

One-time Reservations

One-time events may be scheduled up to one academic year in advance.

Weddings and Private Parties

In order to reserve space at Tresidder, the bride, groom or one of their immediate family members must be directly affiliated with Stanford University (i.e., faculty, staff, student, alumni). That individual must initiate scheduling with the Meeting Services coordinator and is liable for any charges or damages not honored by the identified billing party. Payment of room fees is required in advance for confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

New Cancellation Policy: Tressidder Meeting Services does not have a hold policy. Once you have signed and returned the event confirmation, you will have thirty days from the date of signature to cancel your request. After thirty days, full room fees will be charged. There is no grace period.

Advertising and Posting at Tresidder


Posting of signs, flyers, posters and/or banners in non-designated areas such as walls, doors and pillars is prohibited. Unauthorized materials are taken down and disposed of. Continued or repeated abuse may warrant written warning and/or loss of scheduling privileges for all spaces for one quarter. Announcements of closed parties or those emphasizing alcohol are not allowed.

Freestanding displays for campus events can only be displayed around the exterior of the building providing the following guidelines are followed:

  • No display shall be larger than 4 feet high by 2.5 feet wide.
  • All displays must be weatherproof (i.e., no paper or water-soluble paints), sturdily built and attractive in appearance.
  • All materials displayed at the discretion of Meeting Services.

Directional Signs for Conferences/Meetings

  • Directional signs, no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches, may be placed around Tresidder Memorial Union. However, easels for this purpose must be scheduled through Meeting Services. Posting is not allowed on walls, glass or railings.
  • All events scheduled by Tresidder are listed daily on Tresidder Today's Schedule which is posted throughout the building.
  • Other methods: Balloons, banners, etc. are permissible if done in consultation with Tresidder Meeting Services.
  • Patio vendors are charged a fee of $15 per day.

University Policy for Alcohol Use

If alcohol will be served at the event, you must plan your event in accordance with Stanford's guidelines for alcohol use:

  • The distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  • Alcohol should not be the main focus of the event. When advertising in The Stanford Daily, consider describing your main event as a reception, open house or information session, with the main emphasis on your company or organization and not the alcohol served.
  • Whenever alcohol is served, it is required that you serve equally attractive and equally abundant nonalcoholic beverages. Food should also be served along with the alcohol.
  • See the full university Alcohol Policy for additional details.