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FestiFall, 2023. Credit: Anthony Chen/Ethography

Student Events

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Access a 6-step plan provided by The Office of Student Engagement regarding how to organize a student event.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

6-Step Plan

 1. Develop a Plan

All student organized events must first be registered and approved.

 2. Get Money

Funds should be raised and transferred to your ASSU account prior to making financial commitments.

3. Book Space

Most spaces are scheduled through the Registrar. For a comprehensive listing see OSE venue sheets for low-cost spaces, auditoriums, performing arts spaces and more.

 4. Submit Work Orders

All university work orders must be submitted between 2-4 weeks in advance. Late work orders can lead to event cancellation.

 5. Day of Event

Use OSE's "day of event" checklist for all last minute needs. Consider sustainable event planning.

6. Wrap Up Event

Reflect, collect feedback and thank your funders and volunteers.

Frost Music and Arts Festival Photos, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography
Find What You Need to Grow.

Office of Student Engagement

To educate and empower students to create unique co-curricular experiences, meaningful relationships, and lifelong memories. We strive to bring joy and enrichment to the social experience and provide opportunities for students to find what they need to grow.

The Arbor, 2022. Credit: Micaela Go